Saturday, March 27, 2010

Extra-Extended sheet music discovery session

When last I looked into the box of sheet music I have been preserving from the ravages of time (I am the steward of a cache of classic sheet music from the early 20th century which was given to me by my grandmother, who received it from the owner, Miss Selma Jebsen, now deceased.) I overlooked some yellow envelopes.  This day, I opened them up and uncovered the best preserved of the lot, and I'm guessing the most well known songs of the collection. 
There is "Kiss Me Kate" by Cole Porter, "Some Day My Prince Will Come" from the Snow White production, and "Tumbling Tumbleweeds" by Bob Nolan.
Even more notable are the ones featuring the big headed photos of Jean Harlow, Bing Crosby and the jewel of the lot, "I'm just Wild About Harry" with a back and white photo of Harry Truman standing among the troops.  Under the picture, in big white letters is written VICTORY SMILE.