Sunday, August 23, 2009

Planning for a sustainable future

Planning for an energized, intelligent and sustainable future
A new and vital project by FRA > Field Recording Activists

As we have seen in the recent debate regarding Health Care in America, it is nearly impossible to make a smooth transition from old, inefficient models of civic and social structures to intelligent, comprehensive
models no matter how obvious the potential advantages are. In the end, money, power and the ruling classes make up our minds for us.
Health care is only a tiny piece of the giant riddle we must find solutions to in the coming years in America and the world beyond. As I see it, we cannot hope to build a sustainable society if we are planning to rebuild it on a rotten foundation which is our land, environments, farming communities, water resources and wildlife, most notably now fish. I propose a simple action. Bring together representatives from as many social groups and political parties as there are in our country and exhaustively discuss and plan out the best methods for dealing with every major problem the world is facing now, then discussing which solution is the most viable and finally instituting the plans. We must put out the challenge to every country and person on Earth and allow everyone to understand it is our one and only chance for reordering and strengthening the planet. I like to view it as a kind of exploded Global New Deal that takes into account the opinions of everyone.

How would this work? How could this be afforded?
The simple answer is…DEMAND IT. Offer up the alternatives. There is nothing more important and
A good way to begin this effort is to start small, intelligent and precise. A good grassroots movement is ideal. To make this happen, WE MUST NOT ALLOW MONEY TO STAND IN THE WAY ANYMORE. Instead of buying the next pair of shoes or second I pod, please consider how it could be better spent. Type and print and distribute. Make a poster or a flyer that expresses your ideas. (we have to also think about the most efficient way to do these things without using up a ton of paper, ink and gasoline while getting out the message. Probably the most efficient way is to just go out and yell into a bullhorn.)
everyone must know it.

I would like to hear your opinions on any of or all of the points listed below.
Any quick statement will do, as long as we can understand your concerns about the problem as it is now and ANY potential solutions you may have been thinking about.
Please send anything you come up with back to me where I will be starting a well organized file of entries and ideas. Any thoughts about good methods for organizing data like this would be appreciated.
Please add to the list of topics if you feel they are missing and important.
Also, anyone who would like to become part of this project, please contact me.
Jason Estrin >Field Recording Activists FRA>>631-574-7380
When replying, you may want to just add/insert your comments directly alongside the topic areas you are interested in below. Do not worry about neatness or adhering to a method, just get the ideas down.

Most Important areas of Consideration:

• Population, birth
• Family issues
• Violence culture
• Counterculture, youth culture
• Leadership, icons, social figures
• Education
• Media/ entertainment, news, film, advertisement, internet
• Water use, management, waste
• Global Warming
• Changing weather
• Food Production
• Food Consumption
• Housing
• Product Production
• Product Consumption
• Waste management
• Energy Resources
• Transportation
• Urban planning/Community planning
• Home, Business, Urban energy
• Natural Resource Sustainability
• The Ocean, fishing, reefs, erosion
• Forests, Trees, timber, logging
• Rainforests
• Wetlands
• Mountains, glaciers
• Natural Parks
• Wildlife
• Habitats
• Migratory Paths
• Land Use
• Pollution/ Air, water, land
• Medicine, Health
• Political, Government Action
• Laws, Treaties, Protocols, fines, regulation
• Famine, Drought
• Disease, epidemics
• Catastrophe planning
• War and Peace

• Educate the masses about population problems/overpopulation and all the negative aspects concerned,
Sex education, birth control, child care.
• Consider the efforts other countries have made to deal with population problems; example: China, Japan efforts to convince people to limit families to one child. CheckFact
• Institute systems which monitor the waste, energy consumption, food consumption, product and services consumption and use or every family. This will provide a way for people to view and acknowledge their lifestyles and the impact they have on the environment and the system they live in.

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