Saturday, January 16, 2010

About the name

Mountain Walk.
This is the name I have used for music projects in the past and now I think it is time to let it out for some exercise and to culture up. Free up. This is, after all, a name, a moniker and like all good names, logos, epigrams, signs, diagrams, it will and has taken on a life of its own. By putting a word, group of words, phrase or symbol out into the world of media, people, traffic, information and magik, one should expect it to have some "Power", or "Influence". Whatever that created wording is associated with, calls up into memory and current thinking, is linked with historically and means as an official definition...all of that will have some impact on the success of the wording as it is intended to be used.
I was in school at City College in the Masters/Certification program in Art Education and for my thesis poject, I created comics based on mythology and folklore from diverse cultures. The Japanese one was concerned with Yamabushi Monks. Literally: "One who lies/hides in the mountains". These were people, who during the Nanboku-cho period, took to venturing into the high, mist shrouded mountains and walking steep, lonely paths up there for years and years, allegedly picking up the magik of the spirit world, the Kami and the Tengu demons while they lived among the stony peaks. When they came back down, they were revered as powerful magicians and exorcists who were appointed to high spiritual positions in the court hierarchy.
Mountain Walk came from these things I've mentioned. Now I use it as a moniker for art, writing and music projects.

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